Six Oh Four North

The Name

Six Oh Four is the area code that birthed Loud Mouth Brown Girl, and North is the district of Surrey, British Columbia where they grew up. Six Hundred Four is their favourite local shoe company, specifically because they support local artists, and we love to visit their store because it’s often like visiting a gallery.

The Mission

Every single day, more and more people are learning about cannabis. And every single day, for every person that picks up a joint, a bunch of people wrinkle their noses, make judgements and accusations, and go out of their way to make our lives more miserable. Our solution? Smoke more cannabis. As often as possible, without giving a fuck, about what anyone thinks of the smell, the stigma, the community, or the freedom that we feel because the medicine that we’re using is actually working.

The Site

Six Oh Four North (#604North) is entirely about promoting cannabis education in a healthy way that shares real-life experiences from the First Black Canadian Creole Certified Cannabis Educator in Surrey, British Columbia.

There are lots of websites with personal stories of cannabis use, and so this one might not be different to YOU, but it’s not ABOUT You, it’s about the idea that Black women, and women of colour specifically, have been denied healthy, safe, and positive public access to cannabis for decades and we’re kind of completely over it.

This website is dedicated to all the people who I’ve smoked cannabis with, have yet to smoke cannabis with, and all those wondering how the fuck “they” do it. The answer is really, SUPER simple: We get high.

Welcome to Six Oh Four North

This website is intended for audiences 18 and over. If you or someone you know chooses to use cannabis recreationally, please ensure that you are using safe and not driving while imbibing cannabis.

This website is intended to be read for educational purposes only and does not replace the recommendations of your parent, guardian, or doctor. Please make sure that you are doing your own research into where you’re getting your cannabis, and always if you can, buy from someone you trust.

If you or someone you know would like more information on Cannabis, please check out CannaReps or Healer, both are really great websites that help to set industry standards across the country and most of North America.